Consultation and Facilitation of Community

Northern LOCO believes in a holistic approach to addressing community issues, this means bringing together multiple partners from the community to focus on innovative community driven solutions that look to build a platform for our community to thrive today and in the future. Consulting and facilitation activities include:

  • Collective Impact Approach to Community Activities
  • Funding proposal writing
  • Connecting to partners from outside the community for financing and support

Project Management

Northern Loco brings together a team that works to bring diverse partners from both local, region and national level, from the private and public sector to provide a framework for bringing external resources and skills while strengthening local capacity and economic opportunities.

Youth Programming

Northern LOCO believes that supporting our community’s youth ensures a better today and a brighter tomorrow. Our programs honor and celebrate indigenous knowledge and traditional ways of being, igniting the pride and motivation that will help carry our young leaders through life. Based in this approach, we help youth discover their passions and link them to opportunities that will further develop their knowledge and skills, and guide them toward prosperous careers.

Local Business Support Services

Northern LOCO provides consulting services to locally owned businesses with an emphasis on sustainability and the creation of employment opportunities for local residents. Consulting services include:

  • Operational reviews and improvement plans
  • HR and training support
  • Marketing strategies and communications plans
  • Growth opportunities and strategies
  • Finance and funding application support